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Our Favorite Remodeling Trends for 2016

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It's a brand new year, and it's a great time to think about what you want your home to look like and how to make it happen!  Here are our favorite design and remodeling trends for 2016 to give you some ideas. Add Space to Your Kitchen Have a formal dining room next to your

How to Use the Awkward Space Above Your Kitchen Cabinets

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Unless you've had custom-designed kitchen cabinets installed, you know the space we're talking about.  Between the ceiling and where the cabinets start, there's a gap that seems to have no purpose.  But you can make it look less awkward with the following tips. #1: Add Storage Baskets We all have appliances, pots and pans that

Granite vs. Onyx Countertops – Which is Best for Your Home?

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Both granite and onyx are beautiful, exotic, natural stone choices for your countertops, but it's important to know what the differences are before you make your decision. Granite vs. Onyx: The Basics The differences between granite and onyx go down to the most basic level.   Granite is an igneous rock, mostly quartz, that is

Angie’s List Super Service Award: 4 Years Running!

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Angie’s List is a website community that helps consumers looking for business services  to find the best services available in different industries and on a local scale. The website has helped millions of people find great services by forming a community that grades businesses and services on how satisfactory their service was to the consumer.

Whoops! Include Non-Slip Tiles in Your Bathroom

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The smallest room in your house could be the most dangerous. More than a third of the injuries sustained in a home happen in the bathroom while showering or bathing. Over 14 percent occur while using the toilet. This number increases with age; people over 85 suffer over half of their injuries near the toilet, women more than men.

Trends that Stick: Kitchen Remodel Ideas That Pay Off

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Cost versus value is always the determining factor for the wise homeowner. That built-in saltwater aquarium may seem like a good idea in the moment, but could become a sore spot later -- maintaining those fragile fish just might take a lot more than you bargained for. Fancy appliances that looked great at the Home Show but really aren't

Media Walls: Make Your Living Space A Gallery

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Ever imagined what your living room could really look like without the clutter that has to do with media…the remote controls, the cords, the DVDS, gaming systems, the clunky cabinetry and furniture that you bought to hold it all? What if everything entertainment in your life was built right into the wall? What if your living room