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We are the premier remodeling company capable of completing any size remodeling job with quality craftsmanship and professional work. CKBR specializes in quality residential kitchen and bathroom remodeling, as well as media rooms, additions.  CKBR services the entire Phoenix area and the surrounding areas of Phoenix, AZ. CKBR uses state of the art computer rendering technology to create custom computer generated drawings for all of our custom remodeling jobs. If you are having trouble deciding the design for your project, we have an extensive showroom floor to get ideas for remodel designs and fixtures as well. A major key to your success and satisfaction are the employees who work for CKBR. Many of our employees have been with us for many years and our management team has over 50 years combined experience in the Phoenix remodeling industry. We take pride in the personal relationship we have with our customers. From the start of the consultation to the completion of the job, we ensure that our customers receive excellent personalized Phoenix remodeling services. Please call us today at 602-438-6638 to schedule your free in home consultations with one of remodeling specialist.

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The Best Tub Wall Surrounds for Your Budget

When it comes to creating the perfect place for a relaxing bath or shower, your first thought may be the tub itself or even the shower fixture.  But the truth is, one of the biggest building blocks for satisfaction is actually the tub wall surround. Considerations for Choosing a Tub Wall Surround Choosing a tub wall surround necessitates thinking about the following factors: How does it look? Obviously, you want something aesthetically pleasing since it’s quite literally going to be surrounding you! Is it easy to clean?  If you’re like most folks, you don’t want to spend hours upon hours upon hours scrubbing away at your shower or tub with a toothbrush!  Easy cleaning is key for bathroom satisfaction. Is it water-tight? Ensuring you have a water-tight, water-proof surface that prevents water from getting behind the walls is vital to preventing mold and mildew, which can cause major health problems if they get out of control. Does it fit within my budget?  Budgets vary as widely as your options, and things like installation difficulty and time should be considered as well. Our Favorite Choice for Tub Wall Surrounds: Acrylic! One of the best options on the market today for variety, ease of maintenance, safety and budget-friendliness is acrylic tub wall surrounds.  We’re seeing a lot of these go into bathroom remodels these days, and with good reason. Acrylic tub wall surrounds come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, including simulated stone and tile with patterns like subway title, smooth surface and beyond. Because there’s no grout, acrylic surrounds are easy to clean. Acrylic surrounds are 100 percent... read more

Our Favorite Unique Tile Ideas For Your Home

There’s no better way to upgrade your home than with tile.  It’s durable, it’s attractive, and it’s easy to take care of.  And you can do more than just tile your bathroom (though we love that too).  Read on for our favorite unique tile ideas for your home. Tile Murals Tile murals are one of the best ways to create a unique, artistic statement in your home.  Whether you create a large design in your entryway or a small design on your bathroom wall, there are many ways to make a space truly one of a kind with a tile mural. Tile for Open Shelving or Cabinets Using tile as a backsplash for open shelves or cabinets provides a thoughtful addition to a space that often gets overlooked.  Tile offers a lovely and unique backdrop for these areas, and in turn adds a layer of depth to the rooms they inhabit, whether it’s a kitchen, an entryway or a library. Tile Fireplaces A fireplace acts as natural focal point in any room, but when you add tile to the hearth, you really have something special.  Whether it’s clean and classic, dark and glitzy, or bright and colorful, adding tile is a wonderful way to make your fireplace something to remember. Tile for Your Staircase The vertical part of your stairs that you don’t step on, called kick plates, is a perfect location for tile.  The kick plates are more visible from the landing than the surfaces of the stairs, so it’s a great place to add a unique touch with standout tile. Tile Designs for Your Floor Just like... read more